Pokito Royal Heritage

Pokito-Royal-Heritage(Pocket-Spring-Box-Top )


  • Design Type- Pocket Spring Box Type Mattress
  • Flip- No
  • Rotate- Yes
  • Ultra Luxury Feel
  • Cotton/Ploy Cotton/Anti-Bacterial Fabric
  • Top Padding of three inches


Description about the Material Used


Breathable High Quality Fabric

Premium quality imported knitted fabric with latest quilting on computerised 

CNC machines. The fabric is breathable & soothing to the soft pores of our skin.


High Density Foam in Box Top

The foam used in our Box Top is soft & provide additional support for your back and relieve your back from the pressure points that traditional mattresses tend to create.


Soft Support Foam

The foam being the top most layer is covered by a fabric which is soft 

& also helps in keeping away bacteria, fungus


Pocket Spring

Each spring in a pocket spring mattress works separately, to give a 

'none roll together' mattress, with individual support for each user.


Re-Inforced Border Foam Edges

Re-inforcing the steel frame on the edges with a thick HD foam is 

an innovative process from the house of SHUBH MATTRESSES, it protects 

your inner thighs from the hard steel alloys and it gives increased sleeping surface.


Zero Partner Disturbance

Each spring is placed in its own calico pocket, which means 

it is completely unattached from its neighbour.